Monday, December 16, 2013

I Hate Modernday Christmas shopping!

Well it's Christmas again, and along with it comes all the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping.  Today I finally Decided it was time to do my holiday shopping so off  I went to the Mall thinking that since it was Monday morning not too many holiday shoppers would be there, well surprise surprise, it was packed!! as soon as I got there It didn't take me long to find a parking spot for my car, luckily someone was leaving and so I quickly sped to occupy my much desired spot.  It's often unbelievable how cars in mall parking lots follow shoppers with overflowing carts around the parking lot, hoping to get a parking space and so frustrating when sometimes after all that following and patiently waiting for the shopper to unload and put away his/her cart they signal with their index finger swaying back and forth to say no, their just unloading and not leaving yet.  All I can say is that today was my lucky day, I found parking in five minutes flat! Must've had someone watching over me, thanks dad, I always thank my dear old dad when things go my way.

Once inside the Mall I decided to browse around comparing prices and picking up some ideas, as I walked around I was dumbfounded at how many shoppers were on their smartphones consulting with friends or family on which gifts to buy as if they were deciding the next move towards world peace, gosh your buying a gift not wether to have open heart surgery or not! It was evident that aside from grocery shopping and the odd hop over to the neighbourhood stores I hadn't been out Mall shopping in a while.  I was totally feeling like a fish out of water, mind you I love modern tech, I have my own IPad and smartphone wich I use everyday but all this pushing and shoving to get where you had to go at all costs in order to get what you want was just too overwhelming for me, not to mention all the angry worried faces I came across, just one salesgirl was very sweet and curteous, guess I'm just getting older but not old haha, long story short I decided on a couple of trinkets for mom and niece and some clothes for my sons but I just couldn't wait to go home, hubby's gift will have to wait till later this week, just enough time to get my nerve up to go to the Mall again, unless I decide to just take a hop over to the local perfume shop or bookstore, hahaha. Just can't get over on how much confusion and forgetting what this holiday is really all about.  I miss when I was younger, when yes we went shopping and there was a lot of Christmas hustle and bustle but there was also a human side to it, when salespeople would wish you a Merry Christmas and help you in choosing the best gift to give for that special someone. All I can say is I'm so happy I was young when I was and my warm Christmas memories will keep me happy for a long time coming. Happy shopping everyone!

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